Why Cloud Testing?

Performance, Functional, and Automation testing are just some of the services Hale has revolutionized with their Cloud Testing capabilities. Whether you’re a Start-Up looking to capitalize  on the latest technology trends or a multi-national company seeking to leverage cost effectively, Hale Testing can provide the On-Demand resources and services you need to achieve fast ROI on application investments.

Our subscription model for Testing Platform as a Service (TPaaS) delivers key benefits for application testing as listed below:

  • Secure cloud available On-Demand through Hale’s flexible license subscription model
  • Bundled hardware and vendor license provisions allowing accessibility to our own secure cloud
  • Remove up-front investment in maintenance, management, hardware procurement,, and software licensing costs
  • Reduce investment in resources required to manage existing testing environments for increased ROI
  • Achieve faster time-to-market through project set-up, execution & rapid procurement
  • Reduce business risk and deliver better quality applications faster by using Hale’s TPaaS solution Data Security via 24×7 ‘On-Demand support  through redundant and enterprise-class infrastructure
  • Governance Process via Test Experts leveraging tried and true framework methodologies while balancing niche custom offerings.

Higher Quality Lower Investment

With Hale’s Testing Platform as a Service (TPaasS) we provide you with cost scaling flexibility via hardware and alliance partner vendors. We can assist in accelerating and automating operations throughout single, multi, or hybrid environment.

Our state-of-the-art Test Center provides you around the clock report and incident remediation throughout or worldwide distributed team

Flexibility With Client

Hale’s complete Cloud Strategy will help you accomplish your essential business goals. By bringing every organizational need to a tailor-fit cloud strategy, we ensure scalability, mobility, and agility to all your business and IT infrastructure capabilities. With our state-of-the-art testing center of excellence lab (TCoE), our end-to-end Cloud Testing services encompasses just some of the following:

  • Performance testing – Test done to ensure optimised performance of an application. Performance across all devices should be the same.
  • Security testing – To verify whether the cloud test environment isn’t vulnerable to malicious attacks. Check for data encryption, firewalls, VPN, Antivirus etc.
  • Compatibility testing – Check if the system under test is compatible with all types of browsers on all devices (including mobile)
  • Load testing – System is tested with varying load conditions to check its endurance to handle a situation.
  • Functional testing – Test the system to verify whether it delivers the required functionality.
  • Network testing – Test protocols that are required for cloud connectivity, data security while transferring data, check firewall settings to see if it hinders in data transfer or not and so on.

Unsurpassed Cloud Testing

The latest World Quality Report 2013-14 found an increased focus on Testing as consumers become less tolerant of applications with errors. Today’s IT organizations need a solution that brings together testing tools, environment, knowledge and resources without increasing cost of delivery or delaying time-to-market. To address this need, Hale Testing Solutions has combined our testing and cloud expertise to offer a secure and flexible on-demand testing service.

As one of the leading, dedicated testing practices in the world, with over 17,200 test professionals and a further 14,500 application specialists carrying out testing, we bring more than 25 years of experience and expertise in developing innovative, business-driven quality assurance practices and testing services.

Hale Testing Solutions has been at the forefront of bringing cloud computing to the enterprise. Our rich portfolio of scalable, dependable cloud-based computing and storage services help organizations to reduce costs and become more agile and robust.