We're Your Partner in Your Success

Our Mission
Software is continually evolving, and so must the safeguards to ensure that our client’s expectations are not only met but exceeded through the highest QA testing standards. To succeed as cutting- edge, quality assurance testing organization, we must look forward and understand the trends and technologies that will shape QA(software testing) best practices for our customers to deliver solutions of the highest testing caliber.

Our strategy begins with our mission, and our mission is perfection. The definition of Hale means free from defect. To deliver defect-free software solutions declares our purpose and definition as a company and serves as the standard against which we continually achieve.

Our Vision
Our Vision serves as the framework for our strategy and directs every tier of our business by describing what we need to accomplish as a cutting-edge quality assurance testing firm that best services our commitment to you.

About Us
Hale Testing Solutions is a independent offshore quality assurance software testing company headquartered in Chicago, IL . Our QA labs our located in Eastern Europe, Central, and South America to provide around the clock capability and testing support. We provide a blended nearshore and offshore quality assurance testing solutions for clients ranging from start-ups to multinational Fortune 500 firms. Since inception, we have continually put quality and excellence as the measuring benchmark of our services.

Our proven methodologies and cost-effective delivery model enable us to efficiently encompass software projects of any scope, and complexity. The diversity of our testing services parallel the caliber of the quality solutions we provide for our clients. As a cutting-edge software testing firm, Hale is continuously investing in the improvement of existing quality assurance technologies and processes. We increase our partner’s profitability by narrowing the amount of defects and achieving efficiency through best practice utilization, which is achieved through existing Hale projects from enhanced solutions through strategic testing practices. This applies to industries in healthcare, finance, retail, and advertising, where excellence for our customer is to deliver a defect-free product for their consumers.