Industry Leading Quality Assurance

Increase your Sprint Velocity and ROI through Hale Testing’s automation testing solutions, our expertise will help you:

  • Support from our expert SDET Engineers
  • Develop & maintain automated test scripts.
  • Prioritize and tag candidate test cases for automation
  • Provide customized test harnesses to ensure scalability
  • Asses test cycles and provide regression testing of your application
  • Seamless DevOps Testing Strategy

Complete QA Coverage

Hale Testing Solutions automation team can help implement your test suites with long term consideration by either augmenting your existing frameworks with scalable solutions or building a completely new automation architecture from scratch!

  • Adapt and integrate both open source & licensed technology tool stacks
  • Assess and prioritize select test scenarios best suited for automation
  • Automation of Functionality , GUI, and Performance
  • Automation of Back-End Data and API services
  • Custom test harness development
  • Establish scalable, maintainable and reusable automation code base
  • Regression test your application.

Reduce Time to Market and Deliver Faster

As the industry trend leans toward Agile Software Development, DevOps, and increase frequency in release builds, comprehensive test coverage and continuous testing are imperative for both quality and velocity

Hale’s automation testing strategy allow’s organizations to reduce time to market through rapid and continuous releases. that enable you to increase sprint velocity, reduce testing cycle durations and overall providing a significant return of investment

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Maintainable, Portable, & Extensible

Hale Testing Solutions can help you build a portable & extensible test automation suite with:

  • Shared object repository.
  • Common libraries.
  • Reusable actions.
  • Full commenting.
  • Segregated modules.
  • Global parameters.
  • Standard naming conventions.

Automated Testing Services

Test Automation Process & Approach

Hale Testing Solutions will help you establish and implement appropriate evaluations, strategies, and methodologies for your test automation services:

  • Prioritize candidate test cases for automation
  • Ensure multiple Regression-testing cycles for each environment
  • Create scalable reports to support traceable KPIs (including code coverage)
  • Assess opportunities to increase sprint velocity via backlog
  • Code Review each deliverable to ensure loose coupling of tests

Hale’s Automation Center of Excellence Features & Benefits

  • Integration with licensed and opens source tools to ensure complexity of business processes scalable
  • Integration technology with scalable knowledge that promote re-usability of functional and shared libraries
  • Continuous Integration Testing with various CI and DevOps tools
  • Dashboards with in-depth visibility into project status, test execution results & analysis reports
  • Analysis Reports, Test Execution Results, Project Status and Dashboard visibility.
  •  On-Demand team support for embedded project allocation