Automated Testing

Automated TestingOur automated testing approach is best leveraged for repeatable test sets under code that is stable and mostly constant. It is essential to take in consideration the contingency required to develop automated test sets which can translate into a better return of investment (ROI) provided the automated scripts are updated less frequently. One can obtain a basic understanding of the application architecture and business logic by initiating automation testing early in the test execution process.

By Progressing the automated functional testing of your projects we can:

  • Show cohesion and traceability between manual and automated test sets to form a single consolidated purpose
  • Exhibit a supply chain connection between business requirements , user stories, and functional components
  • Provide a standby process to execute automated test scripts, update automated scripts and translate output results
  • Focus on priority target test cases for the purpose of time reduction, effort required to validate high-risk areas against the regressed application

In conclusion, the blend of manual and automated testing depends on the prioritization of the tests created and executed throughout the software development life cycle of the project.

Hale Testing Solutions offers a unique fusion of both manual and automated testing that best leverages the test cycle of the project. No project is too big or complex for our balanced manual and automated testing approach. Our flexibility allows us to adhere to any project complexity.