Desktop Application Testing

Desktop applications run on work stations and personal computers. When testing desktop applications, we are focusing on a specific environment. Testing will encompass categories such as GUI, functionality, Load, and back-end results (i.e DB).

With experience and support our dedicated desktop application test engineers have a great deal of in-depth knowledge and testing capability of even the most up to date desktop application trends. Hale’s expertise in a variety of technologies have been the driving force behind delivering numerous projects for our clients across the globe.

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Functional Desktop Testing

Through rigorous exploratory testing, efficient automation strategy, and comprehensive test case execution, our dedicated QA team can leverage a variety of methodologies and recommended testing strategies that will minimize your cost, time, and deliver solutions that exceed expectations. Hale Testing Solutions emphasizes functional testing as a validation towards business requirements, functional specifications, and user’s expectation.

Our experts focuses not only on individual functionality but also the entire system functionality through a robust end-to-end testing approach. Regardless of desktop application need, our clients will receive the support of a dedicated Test Manager, who can provide bandwidth for the following:

  • Test Strategy: Depending on your testing needs, our Test Manager can help prioritize your test phase goals and initiatives, assist in testing deliverables and other test management roles.
  • Defect management & Analysis: We will provide bug reports as well as cross-functional and detailed analysis of each test phase. Test managers will then provide guided recommendation for next steps depending on the niche of each client’s need.

Our Functional Testing Services Include:

  • End-to-End Testing: Hale delivers complete testing services through our End-to-End Testing schema. By performing multiple process’ on an application in an environment that can imitate the real world scenario it will succeed in, the Hale test team utilizes integration of functional, performance, and best practice testing solutions.
  • Test Automation: Testing the stability of functions of products after all changes is key for a successful automation testing suite.
  • Exploratory Testing: Planning and preparing for the unexpected, our QA team confides with a tactful and strategic testing approach that best leverages our test time and application engagement optimally for every test run.
  • Performance Testing: Focus on addressing assorted scalability and performance bottlenecks on various systems, Hale uncovers application behavior under a set of load variations. Our functional testing