Performance Testing

Performance TestingHale provides a combination of performance and load testing suites that cater towards a ongoing necessity of stress testing support. The following technical symptoms can have tremendous revenue pitfalls for website’s business: Very-slow accessibility via mobile device, non-responsiveness due to too many concurrent users, or just renders incorrectly. These can impact your company’s revenue and reputation. A customer’s user experience should not be hindered by performance instability

The following are some of the automation tools we use to simulate thousands of “virtual users” that mimic your own customers

  • HP LoadRunner
  • Apachee JMeter
  • Online Performance Testing Tool

Have you ever had a user experience where a transaction or purchase becomes lost or null due to poor performance usability? How can you be certain that your end product is ready for Go-Live and is reliable to sustain a sheer volume of end users concurrently? Poor usability can deter customers to competitors, which translates to lost revenue. Our dedicated Test Engineers can prevent this from happening by diagnosing and finding such symptoms. As a result, this will allow you to fine-tune any sustainability gaps and mitigate your performance concerns.