Localization Testing

Localization TestingOur diverse QA team, and testing methodologies allow us to strategically blend and stay one step ahead of the international market . Localized software allow your customers to interface with your website in their respective native language. It also addresses precision and accuracy across currency conversions, characters, dates, as well as internalization (double byte input and output, language requirement, encoding, etc).

Considerations to value for Localization testing:

  • Internalization Testing (I18N)
  • Localization Testing (L10N)
  • Translation Validation
  • International Test Plan and strategy

At Hale, we validate the following scenarios during the localization and
internalization testing process:

  • Compliance validation of application GUI guidelines
  • Regional compatibility validation with different international standards (e.g postal codes, time zone, currency format, date/time, telephone numbers, etc.)
  • Complete language translation validation
  • Verifying application compliance within respective native (localized) environment (Windows, MS Office, MAC, etc.)

With Hale localization testing services, you increase your international marketing share with a diversified global audience as your end user customers.