Month: December 2017

Defer scripts to speed up rendering

Artists are not the only ones who suffer from a blank page, so are your users. Their frustration can lead them to abandon your page prematurely. Several techniques can help you to speed up rendering and avoid that problem. One read more ›

Ruby Ruby 2.5.0 Was Released

5-10% performance boosts, en route to big promised perf boosts for 3.0 rescue/else/ensure in do blocks now New test coverage capabilities for methods and branches Full Release Details Here Looks like a good release to me. Still love me some read more ›

Frameworkless Events

In fifty years when self-driving cars rule the road, what happens when someone needs to manually drive? The autopilot malfunctions and my great-grandson, Weston, must get home to watch the Cavs play the Warriors in game seven of the NBA read more ›

Fs-tivus for the Rest of Us

What better way to bring in the holidays than by taking a look at Node’s File System (fs) module! At a high level, Node fs lets us read, write, create, update, and remove files from our computer using JavaScript on read more ›

No More Foo, Bar, and Baz

When I was a kid, my best friend’s dad owned a computer company and told us he knew the secret to Fubar. He said he was sworn to secrecy and to this day has never divulged the secret. If you’re read more ›

Clarifying Async and Promises

I wanted to clearly present async and promises since the concepts were hard for me to understand at first. Here’s my attempt: Synchronous javascript means to wait for one action to complete before moving onto the next. For example, imagine read more ›

Looking Back: 2017 Web Dev 'Trends' We Should Carry into 2018

Yeah, yeah, we’re all supposed to be looking forward right now, but hey – 2017 wasn’t a total wash. We created some neat stuff and saw some interesting shifts within the community. While everyone is eagerly guessing at what’s next, read more ›

Star Schema vs Snowflake Schema and Why You Should Care

Many of you are working in the Data Warehouse area, mostly when start modelling, may ask yourself shall I model this way or could I use some other better approach?If you google about this theme (star schema or snowflake one) read more ›

TIL: JSON.stringify() can do formatted output.

TIL JSON.stringify can do formatted and indented output. JSON.stringify(yourJSObjectHere, null, 1). This is awesome when you want JSON formatted output that is not all run together. Such as: “impressions”: [ { “name”: ” + Holiday Bundle: Dragon Ball Z – read more ›

Let's Implement a Bloom Filter in Go

Read the Original Article on Medium Today I decided to play with some data structures and I was wondering what should I learn next. I remember some time ago while I was reading some articles about Cassandra internals that it read more ›