Month: November 2017

On Science and Software Development

I had an epiphany last night. So proud was I, that I chatted with our lead tester this morning, and found he’d already had the same thought a couple of years ago. Oh well, I’ve never claimed to be original. read more ›

JS 💖 Hardware – Getting started with Nodebots and Johnny-Five

Getting started with hardware hacking can be quite intimidating for some folks. The world of electronics is completely foreign for most developers; additionally, it requires you to write C/C++ which is efficient but not everyone feels comfortable with. However, the read more ›

How to Install Jenkins in Ubuntu

This article was originally posted on our blog. Incase you missed our first post, or if you aren’t sure just what Jenkins or CI is, head back and read: What Is Jenkins and Why Should You Be Using It? If read more ›

Unit testing with Jasmine: The very basics

In my last tutorial I covered the basics of JavaScript testing, or rather I illustrated what it is and how it can be achieved. But JavaScript testing is better done with a framework. So in this tutorial I’m going to read more ›

How I used edge computing to reduce server costs by 90%

Edge computing is a new/old technology that uses simple html and javascript instead of centralized servers. Cloud providers and CDNs are now pushing to support a distributed model of computation. This would be very beneficial to the cloud providers who read more ›

Rust futures: an uneducated, short and hopefully not boring tutorial – Part 4 – A "real" future from scratch

Intro In the previous posts we covered the basics of how to handle Futures. We are now able to chain them, execute them and even create them. But, so far, our futures are not really delegating the execution to another read more ›

Going through 10,000 pictures in 30 seconds

For the last 5 years I have been studying Electrical and Computer Engineering and it has changed me in so many ways. I made new friends, met interesting people and worked and learned a lot. Long story short, after countless read more ›

What Is Jenkins and Why Should You Be Using It?

This post was originally published on our blog. A common problem for many devops teams is a fragmented workflow. Inefficiency can be infuriating. You know how it goes: individuals on the team tend to work independently. Coding solo, engineers regularly read more ›

4 Steps I Took to Remote Working

Cover image by amanda blake soule, on Flickr, cropped by me. If you sat around a few years in an open office or cubicle or paid mad housing prices in big cities, you probably dreaming of working from home or read more ›

Domain Driven Design with React Native

Problem: how to guide programmers to implement domain driven design and modular architectecture Relevant technologies used: apollo client graphql react native nodejs redux As a programmer I am always inclined to prioritise technical detail and just making things work. One read more ›