Month: September 2017

“Amazing job offer” [heart not found]

Originally published on my blog: “Amazing job offer” [heart not found] Have you ever opened your email or LinkedIn inbox only to find the following message: Greatest career opportunity ever! Dear <insert-name-here>, Company <insert-awesome-company-title-here> is currently looking for <insert-job-title-here>. <insert-awesome-company-title-here> read more ›

Working with Multithreaded Ruby Part I

Introduction Multithreaded Ruby is a niche topic in our community and to no surprise. Most Ruby applications are web servers built on Rails or Sinatra, those are single-threaded frameworks and developers on such projects rarely even need to know about read more ›

Getting started with D3.js

An introduction to data visualization with the mighty D3.js. In this tutorial, we will go through the following. What is D3? Why would you use D3? Shapes, Helpers and Scales in D3 Creating a scatter plot in D3 1. What read more ›

Web Designing, Web Developing, App Coding or whatever you call it.

What do you do? Wait don’t answer, let me give you a brief history of my early time of coding. It took me time trying to define what exactly it is I do, was it even professional or just a read more ›

Intro to Butter Knife for Android views

Butter Knife? Butter knife is a very nice library for Android view injection. Butter knife helps reduce a lot of boilerplate code (e.g repetitive findViewById calls). If you have handled activities with a good amount of views, you know how read more ›

Magic The Gathering, maths and AI

When I was a kid I used to play Magic the Gathering in the comic store against the shopkeeper, with my pre-made green/red deck. Currently I re-started playing MTG firstly because I got interested in tokens creation and alters , read more › is a read-only property that returns a singleton StorageManager that will help use fetch the overall storage capabilities of the browser for the current context. StorageManager helps us to estimate how much more space is available for local storage, read more ›

Intro to the zip function

this post was originally published on my Github Pages site on September 19th, 2017 Now that we have covered the fundamental iterative functions, I want to take some time to look at some more functions that you will typically find read more ›

How to Prevent your App from Getting Uninstalled

There is a fierce and aggressive competition prevailing in the world of mobile applications. According to the latest stats of June 2017 released by Business of Apps, there are over 2.2 million iOS apps and 3 million android apps; battling read more ›

A Note on Distributed Systems: A Summary

A Note on Distributed Systems: A Summary This post distills the material presented in the paper titled “A Note on Distributed Systems” published in 1994 by Jim Waldo et al. The paper presents the differences between local & distributed computing in read more ›