Month: August 2017

Event Sourcing: What it is and why it's awesome

At the last PHPDublin meetup I was asked “What do you do?” and as usual the answer boiled down to “I design and build event sourced applications”. Which leads to the following question. “What is Event Sourcing?”. That’s where this read more ›

Debugging Travis CI without Commits 🎉

You’re working on an important change to a GitHub project. It’s a sizable change and adds a few good features. You’ve also been running the unit tests, integration tests, and linters frequently just like any good contributor would. Wouldn’t want read more ›

Building the IT Crowd Answering Machine with Twilio Functions and JavaScript

Building the IT Crowd Answering Machine with Twilio Functions and JavaScript was originally published on the Twilio Blog on July 4, 2017. One of my favorite things from IT Crowd is their “Hello IT” machine. It’s the perfect solution for read more ›

A brief history of my first OSS contribution

Originally posted on my Medium It was a cold summer Monday morning, the first day of a new sprint, and one of my tickets stated Reseach ways to standardise GitHub usage in the development team. The reasoning behind this ticket read more ›

13 more gems I use all.the.time

…and by I mean, I reach for these gems a lot, when they are useful and/or needed. A few months ago I posted an article/story about the 27 Gems I use in Almost Every SaaS Project. That received a ton read more ›

Tools I use for web development

Why this post? As a web developer, I use a lot of tools (new & old), utilities & some tips from my discovery and from lots of people around (twitter, product hunt etc,). Today I want to share all of read more ›

Understanding SOLID Principles: Single Responsibility

This is the 2nd part of the series of understanding SOLID Principles where we explore what is Single Responsibility and why it helps with readability, lose coupling and cohesion of your code. As a small reminder, in SOLID there are read more ›

Simple Face Recognizing System using python and openCV

Face Recognising System Face Recognising System is a computer application that is used to identify people from a image or a video footage.It is mainly used in security purposes to get track of who is entering a certain facility or read more ›

Timing your Python Code

There are many times when you would want to see how much time your program takes to execute. The easiest way to do it on a unix system is to use the time command before running the program. $ time read more ›

Web development portfolio tips from an interviewer’s perspective

This article originally appeared on Simple Steps Code. A lot of people have asked me what makes a good web development portfolio. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ll tell you what I’ve looked for when evaluating candidates. The main read more ›