Month: July 2017

Avoiding Temporary Files in Shell Scripts

This is an extract from a longer article from Openmake Software. If you want to see other tips and tricks to do with performance and security in shell scripts – go there! Introduction It’s always fun to start with a read more ›

Going real time with Socket.IO, Node.Js, and React

Originally published on on July 25, 2017 Cover image: emrekaratas Looks like everybody is building chat apps with Socket.IO these days and while that’s completely fine, messaging applications are only the tip of the iceberg. Think a moment about read more ›

Down to Zero – A Practical Guide to Bug Fixing Mobile Apps

Isn’t it so good when you download a new application that just works? Something that fulfills its objectives and provides a great user experience too. At Mobile Jazz, we strive to release the best possible applications we can, in fact, read more ›

From Zero to Hero (How I became a professional developer in a year)

I had always thought that I would have a hard time finding a job as a programmer. When starting out, I was easily stifled by various problems. Thoughts that this was not the right thing for me were frequent. I read more ›

Three CTOs Answer: What Is Good Code?

Every day, millions of developers write code and labor through code reviews in hopes of contributing good code to the software they’re working on. But what is “good code”? With new frameworks and programming languages being released every month, it’s easy to forget about the fundamental qualities read more ›

Native vs. Hybrid: do users really care?

This has been a continuous source of conflict and division within mobile apps developers, almost surpassing the eternal nuclear war of tabs vs. space (hey, that can be a great subject for the next article!). But first of all, let’s read more ›

A Hiring Proposal

Within our profession, we have developed an apt process for interviewing potential hires. Our current process typically involves a whiteboard, a candidate, stoic stares, and a palpable, mounting, tension that threatens to suffocate all who occupy the room. This, when read more ›

Writing a Node.js module in TypeScript

One of the best things about Node.js is its massive module ecosystem. With bundlers like webpack we can leverage these even in the browser outside of Node.js. Let’s look at how we can build a module with TypeScript usable by read more ›

What Next?

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Web Developer Series. From the previous article on Starting from point Zero, you might have been looking at going further rather than just being a front-end developer. At this point, I have read more ›

What are some ideas you'd like to implement, as personal, professional, or other types of projects?

Hey all, I am swimming in a sea of ideas for projects to build in the languages I love. Some of them include creating a neural network to play video games, finishing my political app, and maybe a a series read more ›