Month: May 2017

Side Projects Invigorate Software Engineering Culture

Dreaming up, planning, designing and building side projects often fosters a fresh, rejuvenated atmosphere of creativity, curiosity and possibility around a team. As a senior engineer, demonstrating that you value exploring ideas outside the domain of your direct focus encourages read more ›

Quick Start with Version Control and Continuous Delivery

This is a 5-minute guide on how to allocate the code under version control and automate its deployment. Import an existing website to a new Buddy project Working with Buddy is based on projects which consist of: The Git repository read more ›

Writing software for a malicious world

How do we write software that survives in a world of malware? Is it just a matter of writing safer code or do some of our core assumptions need to be modified? Will we, as users, have to change the read more ›

Enlightened Views

One of the most loved (and feared) facets of React Native is how easily it enables you to achieve consistent UI across platforms. This enables you to create truly unique experiences in a snap with confidence that it will work read more ›

The search for IT’s Holy Grail: Fostering DevOps Collaboration

This article was originally posted on Dell EMC Tech Page One. The Tech industry is constantly drawn to new concepts and one of the most talked about topics of the moment is DevOps. This new kid on the block promises read more ›


The background for this post is actually coming mostly from my mechanical engineering experience, but the more I program, the more I’m starting to see that there are a lot of similarities between designing parts and designing software. What I read more ›

Should I Go? The Pros and Cons of Using Go Programming Language

2016 was a golden year for Go. Google’s very own open-source programming language was rated the most popular of the year in the TIOBE index. While it is yet to break into the top ten most-used languages, it saw the read more ›

Introducing the AsyncAPI specification

Originally posted on We’re proud to launch an open-source initiative that we’ve been working on for months here at Hitch, the AsyncAPI specification. An OpenAPI-like specification for asynchronous APIs. The AsyncAPI specification is protocol-agnostic, so you can use it read more ›

Messaging patterns in JavaScript

There are a great number of software development patterns that can be applied in JavaScript. Eventing, for example, provides a great mechanism to act when a known object or element emits an event you care about. But what if you read more ›

Singletons per Activity context

Singletons Singleton Design Pattern is by far the most common design pattern and the first one that come across to anyone when think about Design Patterns. It’s so commonly used to the point, where there are people who can write read more ›