Month: April 2017

Algoritmics with Rust

Originaly posted on my blog. Hello, today we are going to talk about Algoritmics! “Algoritmics? Is it eatable?” Hell no, or only by your brain. Before speaking about algoritmics, let’s talk about algorithm. According to Wikipedia: In mathematics and computer read more ›


I want to preface this post with the following disclaimer: I am not a fan of Redux. It became a de-facto standard in state management of React apps and seems to be working great for a lot of people, but read more ›

Programming won't be automated, or it already has been

I’m afraid of a robot taking my job. I don’t care about the job part much, I’m afraid of the actual robot. To replace my job it’d to exhibit human level intelligence. That’s scary. Before that happens though, maybe some read more ›

Using Turbolinks to speed up your site

Originally posted on the Ninjality blog. In a world of single-page apps (SPAs) that are rendered by the browser, it is hard to consider building any other way; you get a lot of benefits such as performance of almost instant-loading read more ›

Serverless Backends With AWS Cloud: Intro

Let’s Begin Hi! You can read this tutorial series in its original format over at my blog, J-bytes. This is not a short series; it clocks in at over 11,000 words and is a detailed tutorial on how to get read more ›

Finding that pesky listener that’s hijacking your event (Javascript)

This is a debugging story of how to determine what event listener is calling event.preventDefault() or event.stopPropagation() or some other completely random thing which is not allowing your intended action. The Problem We had this form in which when we read more ›

Fluent Validation Rules for Laravel

This package has matured since I first published this post: removed some cruft and added some great new helpers. Version 2 link is at the end of this post. What is Data Validation Applications (both web and native) are continually read more ›

AVA, low-config testing for JavaScript

AVA is a Futuristic JavaScript test runner. Some of its best features are: it works out of the box, no need to specify a blob for test files or add Babel hooks it’s runs tests in parallel, this stops you read more ›

The Angular View: Prologue

With the advent of AJAX, and even more recently with AngularJS, it has became more and more common for the client’s device to do much of the heavy lifting when creating a web page. JavaScript is a great language, and read more ›

Microservices architecture benefits and business value

Originally posted on Microservices are small, autonomous services that work together. —Sam Newman, Thoughtworks So, what is a service? A service is a software that… is responsabile for holding, processing, and distributing a particular kind of information within the read more ›