Month: March 2017

Königsberg: Seven Small Bridges, One Giant Graph Problem

If you love computers — particularly if you love programming computers — then surely, you know the value of grit. You know how important it is to be resilient, to keep going, to forge forward, and convince yourself that there must be a (better) read more ›

Javascript's Persistent Popularity: No one seems to particularly enjoy the language, but everyone is using it

Stack Overflow released the results of their annual developer survey last week, and for the fifth consecutive year Javascript checked in as the most popular language. This year, 62.5% of developers reported using Javascript, significantly more than the next non-query read more ›

Logging done right, makes your life bright!

I have been working in application development on embedded devices for a few years now. All the embedded platforms that we work on do not have a good development environment. Some platforms don’t even have GDB. So we have to read more ›

Git faster with mingit

I wrote mingit because I thought of how much we use git on the command line as day-to-day programmers and how much time we waste typing the same commands again and again. I thought why are we always typing git read more ›

Testing your Jekyll Website with Capybara

Cross posted from my personal blog: Link Even when it is just a static website like this one, it is always good to know that the most important things work. I recently had problems when I was migrating my blog read more ›

How to build a SEO-friendly React blog with an API-based CMS

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to build a CMS-powered blog using React, Next.js, and ButterCMS. The finished code for this tutorial is available on Github. Next.js is a small framework for building universal React webapps. read more ›

A Gentle Introduction To Graph Theory

So many things in the world would have never come into existence if there hadn’t been a problem that needed solving. This truth applies to everything, but boy, is it obvious in the world of computer science. Someone needed a read more ›

Becoming The Duck

Last week I read a fantastic article that perfectly captured the inner turmoil and deepest fear developers ultimately face as they make that dreaded ascent from being a contributing member of a dev team to managing and overseeing said team. read more ›

One Year Using Go

Our ventures into Go all started as an internal experiment at Mobile Jazz. As the company name hints, we develop mobile apps. After releasing an app into the wild, we soon realised we were missing a tool to check what read more ›

Secure your Cookies (Secure and HttpOnly flags)

Cookies are omnipresent all over the web as they let publishers store data directly on the user’s web browser. Especially used to identify the user session allowing the web server to recognize him all along his browsing, cookies usually contain read more ›