Month: January 2017

10 things I do to keep open source projects healthy and stress free.

On the first days of 2017, I began working on my latest open source project. It’s something designed and built to solve one of my business problems. The project is called Bootparts, and it aims to simplify the process of read more ›

Your Project Isn't Done Yet

Originally posted on I spent a good part of this afternoon in a planning meeting with my assistant lead developers, Alex and Jarek. We hashed out a lot of details for the new year, not least of all, ground read more ›

100% Coverage

I accidentally reached 100% coverage. Before I had 90%+ and felt pretty confident. The coverage reports gave me useful insights about my own codebase and I understood deeply what’s going on and where. The last statement was a bit more read more ›

Why might I want to learn Elixir?

Source: The Practical Developer Why might I want to learn Elixir?

Classifying Tweets with Amazon ML

Preface I recently watched an awesome video overview/demo of one of AWS’s newer services — Amazon ML. If you have ~50 minutes on hand to watch the above video and follow along I highly suggest it, if not read the rest of read more ›

How did you get into programming in the first place?

Source: The Practical Developer How did you get into programming in the first place?

We Left Clojure. Here's 5 Things I'll Miss.

On October 11th, Appcanary relied on about 8,500 lines of clojure code. On the 12th we were down to zero. We replaced it by adding another 5,700 lines of Ruby to our codebase. Phill will be discussing why we left, read more ›

Database seeding/access for acceptance testing

If you’re writing an application with a database of some kind – and most of them do these days – and you’re writing acceptance tests for the application, at some point you are going to come up against the conundrum read more ›

3 benefits of using Immutable Objects

In this article we’re going to explore 3 key benefits of using Immutable objects by default What is an Immutable Object? Let’s first see what an Immutable Object actually is In object-oriented and functional programming, an immutable object(unchangeable object) is read more ›

What’s the most interesting new or upcoming browser feature?

Source: The Practical Developer What’s the most interesting new or upcoming browser feature?