Month: July 2016

Talk About It, Justify It

So you want to do something funky in the code? That’s nice. Do it, if you need to. But before you jack up the funk meter to eleven, or introduce any new pattern into the code base, you should take read more ›

The psychological battle of big refactorings

We usually talk about refactoring code with the same kind of pedantic approach we do with all other kinds of software writing. We come up with recipes to abstract, break apart, and clarify. We fold these techniques together into larger read more ›

Using Templates in Computer-Generated Works

“Templates may seem like a terrible way to produce sentences until you consider the alternatives.” –Chris Pressey How can you build an algorithm to build ‘human-readable’ novels? While there was several attempts made, humans never stumbled on a good “answer” read more ›

Hiring Passionate Front-End Developer

Work with exciting new JavaScript technology! And really old, awful JavaScript technology that we can’t get rid of because we’re afraid to touch it. Work with some backbone, jQuery, some of the YUI library. We tried Angular so there’s this read more ›

Maybe Reinvent The Wheel

Don’t reinvent the wheel — unless the wheel is written in PHP, opinionated in ways you’ll always be fighting against and not a wheel, but a steaming pile of hot code. This site is not a WordPress site and I read more ›

Kelsey Hightower Channels Maya Angelou to Talk About Race at GopherCon

Paying homage to Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise poem, Kelsey Hightower delivered a powerful opening talk at GopherCon. I was not there to see it, but I smiled and teared up when it showed up in my Twitter feed. Kelsey used poetry to read more ›

"Structure" in Computer-Generated Novels

“Welcome! I think you’ll find that writing code that writes a book that is not-boring to read for the first few hundred words is not too difficult. After those first few hundred words, though… well, all I can suggest is read more ›