Month: June 2016

Web and Browser Performance is More Important Than Ever

I attended O’Reilly Velocity Conference, which took place last week in Santa Clara, is a major conference focusing on DevOps and web performance. The web perf content of the conference reaffirmed my belief that the web, as accessed through the read more ›

The ABC's of A/B Testing

TL;DR You should probably be A/B testing features. Third party services may open you up to some engineering liabilities. These services may be incompatible with your shiny new JS framework. You can write A/B testing components in React. Third party read more ›

Web development on a Chromebook

Is this even possible? Out of the box, a Chromebook is no where near a let’s say MacBook in terms of tooling for web development. Yes, there are text editors in the Web Store, and you can edit HTML, CSS read more ›

Technical Debt

The subject of technical debt comes up often in software development. It is better to have something done sooner rather than later from the perspective of the project. Yet, this assumes all things are equal, which is rarely the case. read more ›

The Web is Too Damn Slow

I spent this past week at O’Reilly Velocity Conference, a three day conference which focuses on web performance and devops. I plan to write, with care, several articles this week on the key topics covered at the conference, but this read more ›

Machine Learning Advice for Developers

So you’re a programmer and want to get your hands dirty with some artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)? I did an interview with TechWorld on machine learning advice for developers, but the final writeup didn’t include most of read more ›

Five Killer Custom Searches for Finding Remote Development Jobs

If you’re looking for a remote development job, you can save yourself loads of time and aggravation by using Google’s site-search functionality to deliver targeted and up-to-date leads in record time! In this age of information overload, we all suffer read more ›

Machine Learning Trends and the Future of Artificial Intelligence 2016

Every company is now a data company, capable of using machine learning in the cloud to deploy intelligent apps at scale, thanks to three machine learning trends: data flywheels, the algorithm economy, and cloud-hosted intelligence. That was the takeaway from the inaugural Machine Learning / read more ›

Faster Rendering on the Web

I had always considered external CSS files a best practice in web development. It does, however, seem fairly counter-intuitive. Why would we fetch the HTML for a page, then wait around for another round trip to fetch the styles, deal with read more ›

Code is Suffering

No, you will not be able to scale your CSS without pain. Your attempts to circumvent its shortcomings through transpilation, inlining, strict conventions, etc. will help, but you are not on a path to being free from the ache. You read more ›