Month: April 2016


I was told in art school that I would be a prostitute for art. The statement had been directed at Abby, but was meant for all of us. Our professor Tim held a copy of her midterm project up – read more ›

The End of Infrastructure

Cloud services providers have historically been built with an infrastructure component and a platform component.  Infrastructure-platform companies will continue to grow, but newer cloud providers build abstractions for developers that do not expose infrastructure. The simplicity and focus of these read more ›

Getting Your First Job As A Software Developer

Preface This post is aimed primarily at people who are transitioning to another industry, not new grads. New grads will probably get something from this post, but they are not the primary audience. With that said, this post will discuss read more ›

Get “Non-Technical” People Writing Code Too

My organization recently opened up a new green field project and in an effort to avoid some complications we had faced before, I made it an important criteria for the project that the “business” folks should be able to contribute read more ›